Sindre Finnes, Parul Soni og Christian Lund

Women will drive India´s future as India now officially has more females than males.
In Norway, many high profile leaders have joined the Norwegian campaign #arnekampanjen.
The information campaign is inspired by a Dutch LinkedIn campaign called Peter. There are more leaders in the Netherlands named Peter than there are female leaders in total.
Among the 100 highest paid leaders in Norway, there are as many named Arne as there are women in total.

We are happy to share that we have invited men who support women for International Women’s Day, March 8th conversation as we can not achieve any of the SDGs without gender equality.

We have with us:
1. Sindre Finnes, the husband of Erna Solberg. Erna was the Prime Minister of Norway till October 2021. His wife, Erna Solberg, was elected as Prime Minister in 2013 and re-elected in 2017, thus making her the second female to hold the position in Norway.
From 2016 the Erna co-chaired the UN Secretary General’s Advocacy group for the Sustainable Development goals. Among the goals, she takes a particular interest in access to quality education for all, in particular girls and children.
Norways First Man, Sindre Finnes, is a Norwegian economist and organizational leader in Norsk Industri.

2. Christian Lund is an appeal court judge in Oslo. He is married to one of the most powerful business women in Norway: Kristin Skogen Lund. Kristin was EVP for Nordic activities within Telenor. She has been a member of the board of the Orkla Group. Skogen Lund has served as Director general of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise. Fortune cited Skogen Lund among the “Fortune 50 Most Powerful Women in Business». Kristin was featured on the “10 Global women on the rise” list. The  Norwegian business magazine Kapital has two years in a row put her on the top of the list of Norway’s most powerful women.

3. Parul Soni, Founder & Global Managing partner of Think Through Consulting. He has worked in over 54 countries with Fortune 500 companies, global alliances, industry associations,  international development organizations and knowledge institutions. Soni has driven many programs including women entrepreneurship across South Asia. Parul is also the founder and secretary general of Association of Business Women in Commerce & Industry (ABWCI).  It is a Virtual Global Chamber of  Commerce for Women.

This conversation is moderated by Rina Sunder, founder of the NGO, Det moderne India and author of the book with the same name, Det moderne India.


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